Sunday, January 29, 2012


For the 29th & 30th

Sunday: The Moon is in Aries and making a trine to the Galactic Center (in Sagittarius!) This give alignment and power! Aries, Sagittarius & Aquarius are all forward looking energies and this is a day when you can look to the future with optimism, joy & accuracy! All 3 signs are also good at forgiving & letting go. Know that this is a day you can free yourself naturally & instinctively from baggage! If you are taking out your garbage or recycling imagine putting any unhappiness in with it & give it the toss!

The Moon will change signs at 10:30 p.m. going into Taurus! The Moon will start joining energies with Jupiter the lucky one this evening adding to the warm & healing vibes!

Monday: The Moon is in Taurus joining forces with generous Jupiter adding to the positive synchronicity! The Moon will also trine Pluto creating huge opportunities for developing your talents, fixing just about anything & finding answers! Both Jupiter & Pluto are money planets & today there may be a very happy surprise! :D

Have a great week!
Ann Combs
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