Tuesday, January 17, 2012


For Jan. 18th:

Today the Moon starts out in Scorpio then goes into Sagittarius at 11:30 A.M. Both Scorpio & Sagittarius are believers in destiny, passionate about justice & interested in a relationship with the right person. Scorpio is a watery energy and is emotional. Sagittarius is a flexible fiery energy and is light hearted and swift.

When the Moon goes into Sagittarius it's about finding your voice & becoming high profile. Capricorn is the highest profile energy of them all so this is a good day to reach for the stars & try to gain visibility! The Moon will be in a wonderful trine to Uranus making this a great day to spend time with your friends. It may be a day when you make new friends as well. The Moon is square Venus & it's important to be careful of any office flirting as there may be some trouble that follows! The square is good for relaxing & enjoying life! My book got a wonderful review-check it out at www.examiner.com/psychic-in-national/astrology-and-your-lucky-star-review

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