Saturday, January 14, 2012


For Sunday the 15th

Today the Moon will be in the romantic sign of Libra! Venus the magnetic, artful & prosperous will be in Pisces joining forces with Neptune the planet of finest consciousness & universal love. This is a day when you can do something artful & beautiful whether it's creating art, music, dance, works of literature, photography or sculpture, your creativity is exalted and you can add peace & beauty to the world!

You can also make the world a better place for cats & dogs or for the less fortunate. This combination is super trusting so be sure those you are helping are worthy!

Have a great day!

I have copies of my book Astrology and Your Lucky Star in pink, red or aqua for sweetheart's day. Order yours today by calling (206) 286-1944 :D

Ann Combs

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