Monday, January 30, 2012


For Jan. 31st

Today the Moon will be Taurus all day adding to the feelings of calmness & the need to make one's finances secure. The Moon will be making the lucky trine to Mars the action planet! Mars is about going after what you think is interesting & accentuates leadership ability! Mars is also about body intuition so this is a day you are naturally in touch with the motion creates emotion idea and your body intuition. Your favorite form of exercise may be just the right touch to connect you with your good ideas to make your personal life &/or finances better! Mars trining the Moon promotes the good times for both men (Mars) & women (Moon) & in relationships. As the day progresses the Moon will start sextiling Uranus the ruler of Aquarius! This promotes seeing the future accurately & what direction is the right one to go in!

Have a great day! :D
Ann Combs
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