Wednesday, January 11, 2012


For Jan. 12th:

It all aligns today with the Moon going into Virgo at 1:45 A.M! The Moon will be part of the super lucky GRAND TRINE! The G. Trine will be in earth which means you can put your ideas into form & that today is a day of stability & solid results. The earth energy is also calming & good for health!

The Moon will be trining Pluto the soul mates & passion planet making for good times & a deep connection with the important ONE! Pluto will be trining Jupiter the planet of mind expansion, spiritual advancement, cheer & good fortune! This is good for taking a trip with your beloved. If you haven't found them yet this may be the day you do! You can feel your happy connection to them no matter what! Jupiter will be trining the Moon which is good for your happy emotions & for positive times with your family. Also promotes the ability to heal in body, mind & soul, predict the future accurately & to prosper!

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