Tuesday, January 24, 2012


For Jan. 24th

The thing I like about today is that it's a take charge kind of day & your intuition will be really good! There is at least 1 planet in Capricorn, Aquarius & Pisces! These 3 signs are good at thinking & large enterprises-especially those that benefit the world!

Capricorn is good at thinking connected with highest spiritual & material accomplishments!

Aquarius is good at spiritual joys, electrified-genius thinking, group endeavors, healing, astrology, tech, telepathy!

Pisces is good at thinking blended with expansive emotions such as empathy, compassion, inspiration, bliss, unconditional love & being able to see the future & making the world a kinder place!

The Sun is getting a square from Saturn-this is a reality check & also indicates the present is the better place to have your thoughts. There is also a lovely square from Jupiter that can cause good fortune, OPTIMISM & happy events that feel like a party & are FUN!!!! Also good for $$$! Jupiter is also an energy that is future in nature so all signs point to the now & the new!

Have a great day! Find out what good the future holds for you! My readings are a good deal!

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